Find Me!

I don’t know how I am these days,
The sun shines and I watch the rays,
But somehow this confusion remains,
And I keep racking my cold brains.

I guess somehow my self-entity got lost,
And I became unstable than most,
Life moved so fast with a blurry haze,
I got lost in that scary craze.

Looking back at my life this day,
I don’t really know what to say,
Where did I lose these parts of me?
In busy schedules? Or things I can’t see?

What happened to that bright awake person?
One who lived with fire, freedom and reason,
Which side of the road did I drop her?
How do I get her back right now or after?

This will be a journey, sure and slow,
How I travel through it, I don’t know,
Yet somehow, I will face it all through,
Hoping to find me, slightly broken, but true.

Fear of Bad Breath

Self-reflection happened to me a few days ago. 2017 is almost gone, which gets me and maybe other people, thinking. I thought of different things; life, fruits, shoes, cockroaches, chewing gum—. Okay basically just random stuff. One of these was bad breath. I, like every other person I can think of, shudder at the thought of bad breath. I mean, it is already called bad! I don’t even need to explain that part. So, imagine me sitting there like a plump little guru and thinking of bad breath. It is ridiculous and not worth anyone’s attention. What made this topic stand out for me however was the realization that I fear my own bad breath.

I have been hit more times than I would care to admit by whiffs of death perfumes from humans. It’s a horrific experience. As a result of that, I take care not to assault anyone with my mouth. This has been very good for my dental hygiene actually, but it is quite an occupation. I mean, think of all the gum I have had to invest in, the struggle of not leaning in too close when speaking, avoiding whispering, the bloating that comes with long periods of chewing gum. I was honestly so afraid of my own bad breath that I took special pains to avoid it. The funny thing is, I never really noticed any threatening odors from most of the people I interacted with. Probably because my breath and theirs is just fine, or they have matching stink (One can never know!)
Before I totally confuse you with my breath talk, here is my take on this:

I think most people live like this, and I don’t mean in constant dental warfare. I mean, we hold our breaths too much. We worry about others way more than we do ourselves. We let our perception of what we think others think of us dictate our entire lives. I am guilty of that too. And recently, I decided to breath and let my sides relax. I cannot walk through life afraid of letting go, holding my head down and politely whispering my words as I purchase a pack of gum. I want to sing, I want to throw my head back and laugh. I want to blow kisses and give hugs.

Dear people, this life is short and good. We harden it by the expectations we weave around ourselves and each other. We deny ourselves freedom of being by overthinking and self-intimidation. It’s about time that we all breath and live. Say what we mean and our words will be received by the right people. Let us be free enough to act our true selves, instead of creating characters for ourselves. Pretense will only attract pretense and form hypocritical relationships. Let us just be real and the right moments, experiences and people for us will find us. There’s no point trying to blend in with ostriches if you are a flamingo or forcing a dolphin to adopt a tilapia. Dear people, let’s breath. It’s after all, only one life.

All metaphors aside though, if you have persistent bad breath despite your best efforts, please make it your new year’s resolution to see a doctor about that. We will all thank you for it. ?