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Dada”  is a Swahili word for “Sister“. Where I come from, younger siblings respectively address the older female as simply Dada or adding the word before her name. The term doesn’t stop at home, however. Anybody on the street will call you. “Dada!” if your name isn’t known to them. The same applies to the neighbors, the bus conductor, the hawker trying to sell you something, the client who walks into a shop and… Let’s just sum it up to almost everybody. Growing up in East Africa makes every female a Dada!

Thoughts from an East African Female

Dada’s Diary is therefore a place where I, Dada from East Africa, share my thoughts in forms of random articles, short stories and simple attempts to poetry. The reason? I just love to write! And there are probably humans who would like to read some randomness once in a while!




I snapped out of my sour line of thought to see the woman beckoning for me to follow her. Well, I was in a foul mood and would have walked on if it wasn’t for her demeanor. I couldn’t put my finger on it but she had somehow called me over with no guile.

TWISHA – Part 1

TWISHA – Part 1

I was on my way home yesterday when something incredible happened to me. I should start by clarifying that, “HOME” is too ambitious of a word for the place I live. It’s what I call the shared room with two mattresses on the floor and a basin for a kitchen.

When a child is not ready …

When a child is not ready …

It was my mother who predicted it one day. She looked at my feet which were swollen beyond recognition and watched my shallow breathing. Then with a strange look in her eyes, she stated, “There’s more than one child in that belly of yours.”

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